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Zapp’s and Dale’s – Two Southern Essentials

26 Jul


Just wanted to update everyone on some Southern food products we are currently excited about. I was cruising my neighborhood Publix yesterday and saw that Zapp’s is now making a Sweet Potato Chip. If it’s half as good as the Sweet Taters made by Virginia’s Route 11, they are in business! Looking forward to trying them soon. www.zapps.com


We had lunch at Panini Pete’s in Fairhope, AL yesterday. My son had the most delicious hamburger. I took a taste and honestly couldn’t explain why it tasted so good — and different. I asked our waitress and she revealed the secret … they marinate the burgers in Dale’s Seasoning. I immediately rushed out and picked up a bottle. It will surely be the star of my next home cookout. www.dalesseasoning.com


Another new product we spied recently is a gourmet pimento cheese made in Pawley’s Island, SC. And I thought they only made hammocks there! It really looks chunky and homemade, but be forewarned that it costs about double the price of other brands like Mrs Stratton’s. Hope it’s worth it — we’ll see! www.palmettocheese.com (EDITOR’S NOTE: Tried it — and it’s totally worth the extra money. Special ingredients include cream cheese, sharp cheddar, onions, and a nice black pepper after bite.)  


The line of products you see above are made by the Gourmet Warehouse in Hilton Head, SC. Guess the folks in the SC Lowcountry have been busy lately.

I am most anxious to try their Key Lime and Lowcountry marinades. Think I will jot them a quick note to see if they can ship some samples our way. Stay tuned for more information – coming soon! Learn more at www.hiltonheadgourmet.com

Speaking of Potatoes …

7 Dec

Unlike former VP Dan Quayle, we can spell potato.  We also know a good ones when we taste ’em.  We love Zapp’s Chips out of Louisiana, but we also crave the “spudilicious” taters created by our friends at Route 11 in Middletown, VA.


Every year about this time, Route 11 sends us a delicious assortment of chips for holiday snacking and our annual DixieDining.com Christmas bash. God bless ’em … these hard working folks are the salt of the earth. They make chips the old-fashioned way and you can taste the TLC in each and every bite. They have been blissfully “Chipping Away since 1992.”


Of all their wonderful flavors, my personal fave is Sweet Potato. These chips are delicious … naturally sweet and just a hint of salt. Trust me, they are so amazing — you simply must try them!


Now if you like the Sweet Potato Chips, I’m betting you’ll also dig Route 11’s Mixed Vegetable Chips. The beet and the parsnip chips are especially near and dear to my heart (or should I say belly?).


However, if you’re crazing a spicy snack, look no further than Mama Zuma’s Revenge Habanero Potato Chips. Just make sure you have a cold beverage nearby. I would also suggest that you wash your hands before rubbing your sleepy eyes. These chips are high octane and certainly not for the faint of heart. But remember … “Some Like It HOT!”

OK, so now we have your mouth watering. Pick up your phone and order some Route 11 Chips today. Or better yet, surf right on over to www.rt11.com and tell them that DixieDining.com sent ya!