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“Veggie Magic” … indeed!

24 Jan


My first visit to Veggie Magic in Sarasota was a very impressive experience. For starters, the folks who run the place are extremely friendly and genuinely concerned about people eating healthier food. And eating healthy at Veggie Magic doesn’t mean sacrificing on taste.

My lunch started with the King Caesar salad and continued with their Zesty No-Bean Burrito, which is wrapped in a collard green leave (see the picture above). The salad’s mock Caesar dressing was made with pine nuts, miso, flax oil, dates, garlic & lemon juice. The burrito filling was fashioned by an artful combination of sunflower seeds, sun dried tomatoes, chili, cilantro and cumin. It was all quite satisfying.


And they saved the best for last with the amazing Black & White Brownie they served up for dessert. Words cannot be found to describe how deliciously decadent this treat tastes. Imagine, if you will, a moist brownie base of raw cacao ground with sprouted walnuts, raisins and dates topped with a smooth white chocolate filling of cashews, Thai coconut meat, agave nectar, fresh vanilla bean, & cacao butter.  It was without a doubt one of the best desserts I have ever placed in my mouth.

I would strongly encourage you to seek them out at 4428 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota or online at www.veggiemagic.com. Our hats are off to Chef Adriel Zahniser and co-owners Jenna Norwood and Ivana Poplawski. Keep up the great work ladies!

NOTE: Be sure to check out Jenna Norwood’s award-winning documentary on healthy eating & living at www.superchargeme.com