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Slim’s BBQ in Arcadia FL

2 Feb


 Stopped at this locally owned BBQ joint on our way to West Palm Beach.


 There were lots of cars in the parking lot – always a good sign!


The chow was not bad at all. Good BBQ is hard to find in the Sunshine State and these folks are trying hard. The Q is smoked with local Oak and my BBQ 1/2 chicken platter was pretty darn good. Nice smoky exterior with plenty of tasty, not-too-dry white meat inside.  The slaw and garlic toast were nicely prepared and the beans tasted right even if they were a tad on the mushy side. I’ll have to ask them about what kind of beans they’re using. They seemed very small and delicate — almost like zipper peas??? I was shocked to see Cumquat Pie on the dessert marker board. We were highly impressed with that, but just too full in the gut to give it a shot. Gotta believe it tastes something like Key Lime Pie.

The help was friendly and we spotted plenty of old dudes sporting western boots, Wrangler jeans, and camouflage lids. In fact, I had a bit of a Texas flashback during our brief visit at Slim’s. There really aren’t that many non-chain dining choices in this town, so we would suggest that you can dine at Slim’s with a certain degree of confidence. We hope to try Gladys’ Restaurant in Okeechobee the next time we travel this rather unpopulated stretch of highway between Sarasota and West Palm Beach.

Knocking Around in Arcadia, FL

30 Nov


We made a brief pit stop in Arcadia, FL on our way back from Singer Island. Arcadia is an old agricultural and cattle town located about 45 miles due east of Sarasota. We planned on eating lunch at Slim’s BBQ, but they were sadly closed through Dec. 2nd. Undaunted, we motored on over to A Taste of Italy in the town’s historic district.


A Taste of Italy turned out to be a pretty good 2nd choice, but don’t go if you’re in a big hurry. It took us quite a while to get a waitress to serve us. However, the food was quite good once it finally hit our table. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza cooked in their brick oven. Best of all, it only cost us about $20 to feed the entire family — and we were hungry!


The interior of Taste of Italy included the above mural scene of Venice 


The architecture in Arcadia is decidedly turn of the century (20th, that is) 


 Here’s another look at the interesting design features seen downtown 


If the pizza doesn’t fill your gut, try the Hot Fudge Shoppe right next door 


 Their specialities include homemade ice cream &, yup, hot fudge sundaes


Another dessert option is the Peanut Butter Pie at Wheeler’s


Wheeler’s Southern Cooking will soon celebrate 80 years of business in Arcadia

I guess we’ll be back for some BBQ, a scoop of ice cream, and a slab of pie — GULP! For now, I better get back to the gym to make up for all this good holiday eatin’. NOTE: Arcadia is also a mecca for antique shoppers. Seems like every other storefront downtown is an antique store or flea market of some kind. Come visit and spend the day rooting around if you dig old stuff like we do.