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Civil Rights Tour of Montgomery, AL

17 Apr

Eileen and boys at “rolling waters” wall.

Prominent figures/moments in the movement are noted here.

This is the entrance to the 20-minute educational film.

That’s Pete Seeger singing in the center of wall.

Kids killed by the KKK in Philadelphia, MS. The film “Mississippi Burning” was based on this incident.

My name appearing on giant screen inside museum. Any visitors who sign a petition to fight injustice in the world will get similar recognition.

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

MLK Jr. preached here from 1954-1960

The cornerstone at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

This is still a working, breathing church

Another look from the front of church

The parsonage where MLK and family lived in the ’50s

Historical marker in front of King’s former residence

Cozy porch swing still looks inviting