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Griffey Jr. Accepts Governmental Post

21 Nov


I just spied this nugget on a Yahoo Sports Blog …

As I may have mentioned before, I tend to always measure and lament my rapidly advancing age against the life progression of Ken Griffey Jr.

That sounds a bit weird and maybe pathetic, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to use the career span of a ballplayer as a benchmark. When I was 12, I used all of my earnings to try to pull his rookie from packs of Upper Deck. Now, as he nears the end of his career, I’m worried about things like 401Ks and losing all of my earnings to the state of the economy. The circle of life ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.

At any rate, to see Griffey named an American Public Diplomacy Envoy by Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday enhanced the contrast even more. Once derided by baseball’s old guard for doing things like wearing his hat backward, blowing bubblegum bubbles and endorsing video games, The Kid outgrew all of that to become not only an elder statesman of the sport but of the entire country. (Again, people of my generation — we are getting old.)

As an unofficial ambassador, Rice said Griffey will travel overseas to “talk to young people and to spark their interest in America and in our culture.” His first trip is scheduled for Panama in January, where he’ll hopefully be able to meet my two favorite Panamaniacs while avoiding the trouble Cal Ripken just found in Nicaragua

Continuing the discussion here, I’d like to throw out a question to my older readers. Who was the “Griffey” of past generations? Who was there not only for your grammar school graduation, but for your first car, your first beer, your first kid and beyond?

Cincinnati Chili and BBQ

29 May

Just returned from Cincinnati where I had some meetings and attended the Reds vs. Pirates game on 5/27. Reds phenom Jay Bruce made his MLB debut and went 3-3 as the Redlegs defeated the Bucs, 9-6. Bruce got the customary shaving cream treatment following the game as he was being interviewed by FSN. Teammate David Ross was the culprit (as proven by the picture seen below).

I enjoyed some local food traditions while in Cincy. At Gold Star Chili, I woofed down a couple of Chili Cheese Coneys, while at the ballgame I quickly dispatched a Montgomery Inn BBQ sandwich. All were very tasty (as expected). Cincinnati chili is typically spiked with cinnamon and is frequently served over spaghetti & topped with a mountain of grated cheddar cheese. The two top competing chains in the area are Gold Star and Skyline — and both have their own devoted fan base.

The Montgomery Inn has been around for decades and their pulled pork sandwich offered at Great America Ballpark is served with crunchy homemade potato chips. The sandwich was excellent and the pork very lean and tangy. I must say it was the best BBQ sandwich I have had at a ballpark concession stand. And that includes all the time I spent in Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas. Visitors to the Montgomery Inn through the years have included Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Selleck, Elton John, Pete Rose, Sparky Anderson, Johnny Bench, Andre Agassi, Arnold Palmer, Mark McGwire, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Bill Cosby, Britney Spears, and of course, their most famous booster of all, Bob Hope.