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Meeting Barack Obama

31 Oct

I met Barack Obama face to face yesterday. In fact, I even had a chance to converse with him for a while. It was pretty fun to see him away from the political spotlight. He did seem quite tired, but I was impressed by his warm smile and friendly demeanor.

Unlike many “celebs,” Obama did not duck me or try to avoid interaction. Quite the contrary. He sought me out, shook my hand, made good eye contact, and showed great interest in me and my job with the Cincinnati Reds Spring Training Complex here in Sarasota, FL. Further, I was amazed at how much access I was allowed throughout the appearance. I even hung around while he ate lunch (salad, apple, spring water) with his staffers. Obama bowed his head for a quiet prayer before eating. I was pleased to see that. He later thanked me for our hospitality and wished the Reds good luck in 2009.  

Regardless of your political views, I think everyone should know that Barack Obama seems like a genuine guy. And even if you are a McCain supporter, I don’t think there is any reason to be afraid of Obama or overly concerned that he is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” He seems smart, caring, approachable, confident and ready to lead us if given the opportunity.

I ask that all of you put aside your party affiliations and do your part to support whoever wins the general election on November 4th. We must stop all the back stabbing & finger pointing and begin the process of coming together as “One Nation Under God.” How can we be a shining example for the rest of the world if we can’t even get our own act together? All the posturing and radical activity (on both sides) has to come to an end.  And some of you people need to stop demonizing the opposition’s candidate. C’mon, you know who you are! The eventual winner needs and deserves our respect and support. I’m sick of the endless Democrats vs. Republicans debate. We’re all Americans, doggone it. Let’s start acting like it. And now is a good time to begin.

I can’t wait to see what happens on Tuesday. Either way, it will be historic!

Get out there and vote — or stop your whining!