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The Red Hot Dog Thrives in SW VA

7 Aug


Thanks to our SFA friend Fred Sauceman for sending this one along to us. What a great little story. We enjoyed it a great deal and really got a kick out of the old Valleydale TV spots. The DVD brought back memories of Dude’s Drive In in Christiansburg, VA. In fact, I could go for a “Double Dude” right about now.

The Lee Highway once connected Washington, D.C. to San Diego, California. Along a stretch of that road, in the southwestern part of Virginia, folks eat red-dyed hot dogs. Whether boiled, blackened, battered, deep-fried and painted in mustard, the red hot dog has brought sustenance and joy to generations of Virginians at the price of a little pocket change. Red Hot Dog Digest is a tribute not only to the red hot dog, but to those who have overcome Interstate highway development, dietary dogmatism, and chain restaurant invasion to make sure it survives.

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