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1905 Salad at The Columbia Restaurant

1 Jun

The entry to the Columbia Restaurant off of St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota. The Florida-based restaurant chain was originally founded in the historic Ybor (pronounced EEE-BOR) City section of Tampa way back in 1905.

Outdoor patio dining offers some great people watching.

Inside dining at Columbia is open air and quite elegant.

The colorful menu celebrates the restaurant’s impressive longevity.

The eatery’s decor and wall treatments are very tastefully done.

Each diner receives their own mini loaf of crusty Cuban-style bread.

We opted for the fried calamari appetizer with a lemon mayo for dipping.

The 1905 Salad (my favorite) is assembled by your waiter at tableside.

Only a large photo does this legendary salad justice. It is just loaded with garlic, julienne strips of baked ham, good earthy slabs of swiss cheese, big flecks of black pepper, red tomato chunks, finely grated romano cheese, and lots of pitted green olives. The secret to the salad dressing’s tang is a blend of fresh squeezed lemons, extra virgin Spanish olive oil, and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce.  

The Columbia now has 7 Florida locations. Get to one ASAP and thank me later. And as a parting word of wisdom, please don’t forget that breath mint after your meal. The 1905’s garlic dressing is pretty potent stuff that will keep the vampires away for days!