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Kermit’s Key Lime Empire

21 Feb


We enjoyed meeting this friendly gentleman when we visited the Fruitville Farmers Market in East Sarasota earlier today. He is set up there 3-4 days a week this time of year — you can also find him at the Siesta Key Farmers Market on Sundays. He claims to be 75 years-old, so the key lime juice must be something of a fountain of youth. I was so impressed that we purchased a 16 oz. bottle of pure Key Lime juice and a jar of their very zesty Key Lime Citrus Salsa. I will be making a couple pies with the lime juice and dipping my tortilla chips in the latter. The salsa is a perfect blend of sweet & spicy … thanks to ingredients like oranges, pineapple, key lime juice and, of course, chopped jalapeno peppers.  


If you don’t have time to make your own pies, Kermit’s sells it by the slice at the farmers markets or you can take home a whole frozen pie for $15. One rather unique specialty they offer is a slab of Key Lime pie dipped in fine Belgian Chocolate (photo below). Now that’s about as decadent as a deep fried Twinkie, but I’m guessing it tastes even better. Did I just say that???


“For pie that dances on your tongue,” visit www.keylimeshop.com