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Ed’s Red is indeed an “Oyster’s Best Friend”

24 Apr

The story of Ed’s Red begins in Port St. Joe, Florida. Ed Creamer grew up a true Gulf Coast native, and his roots are anchored deep in the seafood industry. His father was a commercial fisherman and his mother shucked oysters. As a young man Ed joined the Navy and traveled all over the world but later returned to Port St. Joe because that’s always where his heart was.

As an avid seafood enthusiast, Ed was looking for a hot sauce that fit his taste. His travels in the Navy allowed him to try different hot sauces at every port. Ed had long used many brands and varieties of hot sauce but none were perfect. He finally came to the conclusion that if he wanted the perfect sauce he would have to make his own.

After years of trial and error in his kitchen, Ed’s relentless pursuit of hot sauce perfection culminated in his immaculate Ed’s Red recipe. Originally Ed intended to keep his recipe a secret, only giving out free bottles to family and friends. But once the word spread about how superb his hot sauce was, he couldn’t keep Ed’s Red a family secret for long.

The more people tried Ed’s Red the more the demand for the sauce began to grow. People began inquiring about the wonderful hot sauce that didn’t even have a label yet. Restaurants wanted to find out what they had to do in order to start serving Ed’ Red in their establishments.

Ed’s Red officially hit the market in 2001. Ed began selling his hot sauce to local grocery stores, restaurants and directly to enthusiastic consumers. Even though the demand for his product started to grow statewide, Ed continued to bottle his sauce out of his kitchen to ensure that each bottle met his strict standards. It took several years but Ed eventually found the right partnership that is as protective of the quality of the Ed’s Red recipe as he is. This partnership has allowed Ed to bring his unique recipes, which include Hot Sauce, XX Hot, Cocktail Sauce, and Pepper Sauce, to the masses.

Ed Creamer has succeeded in creating a unique hot sauce that tastes as good as it is hot. His desire for hot sauce perfection has guaranteed that every bottle tastes as good as if it were made in his kitchen. And in Port St. Joe, Ed’s outgoing and easy to relate to personality is just as popular as his sauce.


Ed’s Bloody Maria Recipe

  • 1 jigger golden tequila
  • 2 ponies cold tomato juice or V-8
  • 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice several drops of Ed’s Red, or to taste
  • 1/8 teaspoon celery salt
  • Cracked ice
  • Lemon slice for garnish (optional)

Prechill an eight-ounce Old-Fashioned glass or other suitably squat container. Pour in the tequila, tomato juice, lemon juice, Ed’s Red and celery salt. Put two or three pieces of good hard cracked ice into the glass and stir well. Fill the glass with more ice, stirring again. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

New Book on Tabasco legend

3 Mar


We received a wonderful new book from University of Mississippi Press yesterday. It is a beautiful coffee table volume detailing the long and glorious history of my favorite condiment — Tabasco hot sauce. The writers have obviously done their research and the book is filled with amazing photos and period pieces of all kinds. Don’t miss this one if you’re looking for a red-hot read!

Here is the product description from Amazon.com …

Tabasco®: An Illustrated History is the first and only book about the McIlhenny family and company based on previously untapped documents in the McIlhenny Company Archives. This chronicle examines the origin of Tabasco® sauce, from its post-Civil War creation on Avery Island, Louisiana, to its evolution into the “gold standard” of pepper sauces and a global culinary icon.

It also examines the often stranger-than-fiction stories that are inexorably bound up with the rise of Tabasco®–Edmund McIlhenny’s creation of the sauce in the midst of Reconstruction- era economic ruin; John Avery McIlhenny’s adventures in Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders volunteer cavalry regiment; Edward Avery McIlhenny’s explorations in the unforgiving Arctic; and Walter S. McIlhenny’s amazing heroics in World War II, which eventually secured him the rank of brigadier general, even as he modernized his family business and ensured its success into the late twentieth century.

In addition to the central narrative, Tabasco®: An Illustrated History contains numerous detailed sidebars, as well as over a dozen historical recipes selected from handwritten McIlhenny family cookbooks and other archival sources. This book boasts hundreds of fascinating photographs, both in color and black-and-white, many of which are previously unpublished.