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King Neptune’s Seafood Goes Deep in Gulf Shores, Alabama

7 Jun

King Neptune’s has been a part of the Gulf Shores dining scene for quite some time now. I’ve lived in the general vicinity for over 2 years and I finally made the scene this past weekend. Cool looking little joint. From the outside it looks more like a seafood market than a restaurant.

They sell a lot of fried seafood & a lot of cold beer here at the King’s place.

It was HOT the day we stopped in. We had spent the morning on the beach and the 100 degree plus heat had pretty much zapped us of all our mojo. But the prospects of a great lunch put a slight spring back in my step. I walked in wearing my still-damp swim trunks, a pair of flip flops, and a baseball cap. I fit right in with the rest of the diners. Nice, cozy dining space — air conditioned too! 

Fried Shrimp (12) Basket with krinkle cut fries & a hushpuppies ($7.99). Quite a bargain, for sure. The prices jump up a bit at dinner time, but value is certainly the name of the game at King Neptune’s. The shrimp were not exactly huge. Probably classified as medium to large if you were buying them uncooked at your local seafood market. They were extremely flavorful. Butterflied and obviously quite fresh.  Not overcooked. I devoured every last bit — crunchy little tails and all.  

The dozen shrimp were delicious & gone too fast. Must order 24 next time.

Cole Slaw is done right at King Neptune’s. First of all, it’s nice and cool — like it was meant to be. It’s also light with just a hint of sweetness. The tiny flecks of celery seed are another traditional (and welcome) touch. Little things like this are noticed by food geeks like yours truly. My wife Eileen commented that she preferred white cornmeal in her hushpuppies. You see, that’s the kind of stuff we worry about in my family.

My first visit to King Neptune’s left me pretty impressed. We travel Highway 59 to Gulf Shores quite a bit during the summer months. King Neptune’s has earned its place on our short list of beach lunch stops. It was a pleasure, your salty highness. Long may you reign in the briny deep!

King Neptune’s – 1137 Gulf Shores Parkway (Hwy. 59), Gulf Shores, AL


Hope’s Cheesecake – Gulf Shores, AL

18 Apr

The beacon of tasty cheesecake in LA (Lower Alabama) since 1996.

Exterior photo of Hope’s “candy cane” trimmed facade.

They take their work very seriously around here!

Who knew there would be so many choices???

We tried the chocolate/chocolate chip cheesecake — on a cone!

Words to live by when eating Bama’s best all-natural cheesecake.

Folks travel from near and far to enjoy Hope’s Cheesecake. Just take a look at all the push pins on the map seen above. You will not even find this many pins at your local accupuncture clinic!

They even sell six-packs — of cheesecake cupcakes, that is.

This is pure genius — peanut butter chessecake on a stick.

Key Lime Cheesecake is a big seller at this beachy locale. You can see pieces of real Key limes in each slice. I am also anxious to try their Chocolate Kahlua and Bailey’s & White Chocolate varieties. Both sound superb.

Hope’s ships all across the USA, so give ’em a try today!

www.hopescheesecake.com or 888 968-4673

Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, AL

18 Apr

A nice place to chill out and wait for your table.

The boats that drop by Lulu’s are sometimes rather large. Lulu’s is located right on the Intercoastal Canal and just a short cruise by boat to the Gulf of Mexico.

Everyday is a Beach Party at Lulu’s! Hey, where’s Annette?

Caribbean accents above the outdoor bar.

Even the tip jar is bright and colorful. Margarita? Yes, please!

Itchy back? Take care of it right here.

This longboard is positioned at entry to open-air dining room.

Here is my Cheeseburger in Paradise with pickle slices and Jack cheese. The hamburgers here are made with 100% grass fed beef from Alabama’s own Boutwell Farms. www.boutwellfarms.com

The dining area has a cheerful island theme – no big surprise.

Lucy’s demo kitchen for TV appearances, cooking classes, etc.

Grab a New Orleans-style SnoBall as you head back to the beach.

Lesson: Being Jimmy Buffett’s sister does have its privileges!

Lulu’s is a cool, breezy family-friendly joint. Live music is offered every night and brother Jimmy even stops by from time to time. A visit to Lulu’s is like a trip to the islands — without the sunburn or pricey airfare.