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Gilligan’s Island

31 May

Is it the best TV theme ever? A recent national poll came to that conclusion. Thoughts? The song was performed by a folk group called the Wellingtons, but it was composed by Sherwood Schwartz. Schwartz was the creator of the TV series and had absolutely no music background. I just picked up season #2 of Gilligan on DVD — that was the first season filmed in color. 32 episodes (3 discs) from the years 1965 and 1966 … all for just $13! Good family fun and pretty hard to beat that price, folks.  Jump in your boat and sail on over to Wal Mart … that’s where you can find it. The “Ginger or Mary Ann?” debate continues to rage on — some 4 decades later. For the latest internet voting results, go to  http://www.ginger-or-mary-ann.com/cgi-bin/justresults.pl . Poor Mrs. Howell. She’s still looking for her first vote. Even Thurston voted for Ginger.