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Fruitville Farmers Market

21 Feb


We drove over to the Fruitville Farmers Market this morning. It is a beautiful day here in SW FL and the market was fully stocked with farm fresh fruits & veggies. It was also quite crowded thanks to all the snowbirds in town this time of year. I couldn’t resist buying a big, beautiful FL sweet onion. We picked up some green squash too, so I guess we’ll be having some squash casserole for dinner tonight.



Plant City Strawberries, grown just about an hour or so up the road from us,  are pretty much the best that FL has to offer. They are huge, brilliantly red, and very juicy. I had a few of them for lunch today and, boy, were they good!


Honeybelle oranges are often referred to as the “Queen of Citrus.” They are bright orange and simply bursting with tangy flavor. The market was sampling slices today and I must confess that I slipped back into the line a couple extra times. So sue me already!


FL limes are always super tart and tasty. Anyone for mojitos??? 


Green tomatoes, ready for frying, alongside plump red “maters”


Cubano peppers are mild & beautifully colored – 3 for just $1