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Mr. Gyros Greek & Mediterranean Grill in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

31 Dec

Mr. Gyros was recommended to us by some online food critics. The reports were overwhelmingly positive. That was enough for us to seek them out. I have long been a fan of Greek & Mediterranean food — especially the fast, comfort food variety. Gyros, Souvlaki, Fried Zucchini, Spanakopita, Falafel, Moussaka, Calamari, Baklava, etc. This love affair can be traced back to my youth. And no, I do not have any Greek ancestry. Far from it. I’m just about as Anglo as you can get. But I do know good ethnic cuisine when I taste it.

As a teenager, I dined frequently at Knossos in Vienna, VA. Great place, but sadly not around any longer. Mr. Khan treated us like family … always obliging when we pestered him for the largest portions possible or for extra Tzatziki dipping sauce (made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers and other seasonings). Former Knossos owner George Bilidas (the longtime Greek God of Northern Virginia’s culinary scene) still operates The Amphora, a killer 24-hour diner in Vienna.  

Mr. Gyros is housed in a strip center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Greek sweets (like Kadaifi seen above) are a must @ Mr. Gyros

The Gyro Platter at Mr. Gyros is very nicely done. Tons of freshly sliced meat (the usual beef & lamb combo), a cup of thick white tzatziki sauce, really good pita bread, lots of fresh sliced onion, lettuce, and tomatoes. It comes with a Greek salad, rice pilaf, or fries. We strongly recommend the Greek salad. It is excellent and fortified with crumbled feta cheese, kalamata olives, and the ubiquitous green pepperoncini.

Just look at the spicy sliced meat, folks. And those super fresh veggies. This is really fine stuff. In fact, Mr. Gyros was recently voted a “Best Casual Dining” winner by the Palm Beach Post. Beer and wine are also offered if you choose to turn your meal into a regular celebration. We are just plain happy to have found this gem of an eatery. Owners John and Yianna are doing it right at Mr. Gyros. We don’t live in the PBG area, but my parents spends about 6 months each year on nearby Singer Island. That means we shall return … and you can bet that Mr. Gyros will be on our dining agenda.


(561) 627-3979; www.mrgyrosflorida.com

Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week; major credit cards accepted

BGR – “The Burger Joint” Finally Arrives in Mobile

28 May

BGR “The Burger Joint” just opened a few weeks back here in the Mobile area. I was out of town for their Grand Opening, but wanted to check them out at my earliest opportunity. I love burgers. However, I am not a fast food guy.

The interior at BGR is clean, colorful and modern.

They even sell Cheerwine here! That is a big plus in my book.

I ordered the Greek Burger. I’d heard that it was fabulous — and it was. In fact, this burger was featured of Food Network’s Throwdown and defeated one of Bobby Flay’s burger creations.

Hungry now? The Greek Burger is made with fresh ground leg of lamb and artfully seasoned with a mix of cumin, garlic and mint. It is then topped with traditional Greek tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, cucumber slices, and red onion. The fact that this baby is served on a buttery brioche sesame seed bun only makes something truly great even better.

Burgers here are not done on the cheap — and you won’t be out the door in 2 minutes either. It’s all cooked up fresh to order and you CAN taste the difference. Burgers at BGR range between $6.99 and $10.99 and do not include chips or fries. I will surely return to sample burgers like “The Cuban” (topped with pork, ham, pickles, Dijon, and Swiss cheese), “The Wellington” (made with real black truffles), and “The Southwestern.”

Gourmet fries (thin cut sweet potatoes or thick cut Yukon Gold) and Vidalia onion rings at BGR run from $2.89 to $4.49 and can be upgraded to include parmesan, rosemary and roasted garlic (yes!). Shakes (made with Gifford’s and Breyer’s ice cream) are also quite popular. Ask them about the shake flavor of the day.

Burger fans rejoice! BGR is here at last. OMG! 

BGR “The Burger Joint” – 3972 Airport Blvd., Mobile, AL