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Visiting B&B Pecan Groves in Fairhope, AL

31 Dec

Beautiful day in Fairhope — 71 degrees on December 31st!

This is the retail store at B&B — open Monday thru Saturday

Entrance to store at B&B Pecan Groves

A big old bucket of pecans ready for shelling

They even sell pecan oil here!

Who knew there were so many pecan varieties???

1 pound bags of pecan halves run $8.95 @ B&B

Bought a jar of this gooey goodness for $5.95

Shop online at www.pecangifts.com — these nice folks will treat you right!

New Orleans Chef John Besh Visits Fairhope

9 Dec

Chef John Besh, one of the rising culinary stars in the Crescent City, made a stop in Fairhope last night to promote his new cookbook, “My New Orleans.” The event, sponsored by Page and Palette Bookstore, was held at the beautiful Fairhope Inn in downtown Fairhope, AL.

The inn was decorated for Christmas and the complimentary wine and shrimp remoulade appetizers made for a festive occasion. A strolling accordian player provided the soundtrack by performing a variety of Christmas tunes and pop standards.

The crowd was much larger than I expected. This guy is a bit of a rock star with foodies along the Gulf Coast. I estimated about 200-300 people made the scene. Many of them purchased multiple cookbooks and waited patiently to meet Besh. He signed books and seemed to take great pleasure in chatting with each party as they arrived at the signing table.

The setting was relaxing & the weather comfortable

Downtown Fairhope is all lighted up for Christmas

For more on Besh and his new cookbook, visit his web site at www.chefjohnbesh.com  or http://shop.chefjohnbesh.com/myneworleansthecookbook.aspx

Los Tacos Moves Inside in Fairhope, AL

22 Aug


The first couple of times I dined at Los Tacos, I ordered from the truck you see above and I ate in my car. Times must be good for Los Tacos because they have moved indoors to a cooler – and more more spacious dining area.


I was tempted by the window sign pushing 99 cent Chorizo tacos. But I remained strong and stuck with my original plan: one taco al pastor and one carnitas taco.


Yup … they actually have a door now. Moving on up!


Taco al Pastor — Mexican style with cilantro, onion and lime on a corn tortilla. Well, really two corn tortillas. That is a genius idea because these meaty little diablos would likely burst open if you used just one tortilla.


The carnitas (pork) taco shown above was a meaty delight — no skimping on the pig meat this day. I wasted no time in assaulting that one first.


I squeezed a bit of lime juice on each taco and dug in. An occasional dip into the green and red salsas provided the meal with just the right amount of spice.


The salsas are dished out by diners into these tiny paper cups. You may find that you will need several of these babies before your feeding frenzy is complete.


This view gives you an idea of how much meat they stuffed into one little $1.69 taco. This kind of generosity pays off in the long run because word of mouth will praise the value offered at Los Tacos.

Congrats on the news digs , folks. But please don’t get too big, too fast.

To be honest, you totally had me at “Carnitas!”

Panini Pete’s Impresses on 1st Visit

26 Jul


I was extremely impressed on my first visit to the highly-rated Panini Pete’s in Fairhope, AL. Everything we had was excellent and obviously made with great attention to detail. Case in point, the fries you see above were certianly not your run of the mill deep fried potatoes. Pete keeps the whole potatoes in a water bath until it’s time to serve them. The taters are then removed from the pool and sliced nice and thin. They are then immersed in a hot oil until they emerge golden brown and super crispy. Almost like those Durkee’s potato sticks, but much fresher and better.


Panini Pete’s is tucked away in a courtyard inside Fairhope’s French Quarter retail district. Just look for the above sign out front and Pete’s legions of loyal diners streaming towards his popular eatery.  


Reach for this door — you won’t be sorry you did!


My iced tea resting next to Pete’s laminated “folded napkin” menu.


My amazing entree consisted of medium rare roast beef, field greens, onion confit, tomatoes, Dijon, and gorganzola cheese on a perfectly baked panini bread. I told my kids it may have been the best meal I’ve had since we arrived on the Eastern Shore some 3 months ago.

If I could buy a franchise from this place I would — in a heartbeat. Panini Pete is going places and I want to be along for the ride. www.paninipetes.com

Biscuit King Fun Barn – Fairhope, AL

5 Jul


This really is a fun place. Good eats too!


The “Ugly Biscuit” is pretty hard to beat as a breakfast belly bomb. I know it doesn’t look that good (hence the name), but it packs a ton of flavor. Egg, sausage, cheese, and other goodies are rolled in with the biscuit dough to create this one of a kind morning delight.


It’s not exactly on the beaten path, but it is worth the trip. A steady stream of loyal customers parade in each morning for their daily fix of flaky goodness. Stop by and join in on the fun!

Cal them at  251.928.2424 if you get lost along the way.