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Eagles Fans Show No Class, but Good Arms

6 Oct

The dude in the center needs a bra and a few less Philly Cheesesteaks

During his appearance on Elliot In The Morning today, Chris Cooley discussed yesterday’s egging of his team bus by Eagles fans in admiring tones:

“You know what, though, they’re good shots,” he said of the Philly fans. “They’ve been practicing. You could see them coming in; they were leading the bus. It was good egging.” The Redskins Blog told a similar tale. Herewith, the Redskins discuss yesterday’s performance from the Eagles fans and their love of eggs.

“Oh yeah, they just come raining down when you pull in there,” Casey Rabach said. “You know, I don’t know how many we got hit with, but it looked like a hailstorm.”

“They were lighting it up,” Devin Thomas said.

“I’m talking about whoop,” Malcolm Kelly said.

“I’m talking about the middle of the bus, like, bammmm, like busted and everything,” Kedric Golston said. “I ain’t never been thrown eggs at. I mean, at Philly, they throw everything.”

“My bus only got hit with one egg, but I had my headphones on listening to music, and it was like two windows back, and all you hear was thump,” Mike Sellers said. “Everybody starts cracking up, it was like, ‘Oh we got here, here it comes.’

“It must have been one of those big ones too, an ostrich egg,” Golston said.

“It was crazy, though, because the egg was actually thrown in front of the bus,” Kelly said. “It was like a quarterback almost; you throw it to where the receiver’s gonna be at. I was very impressed.”

“Very impressed,” Thomas agreed. “If they ever had a replacement [team] in Philly, they’d have to get that dude for quarterback, because he hit that thing on point.”

“You would think it would probably happen in Dallas or something,” Sellers said, “[but] they’re nicer fans than Philly fans.”

“The only thing we ever had happen in college was they tried to rock our bus and stuff,” Thomas said.

“Nah, that happened to us: OU-Texas game,” Kelly said. “They were throwing nachos, drinks. Everything, everything you could name.”

“We didn’t get no eggs,” Rock Cartwright said of his bus yesterday. “I just know we got flipped off. By everybody, kids and everything.”

“You’ve got the six -year olds flipping you off, and the dad’s patting them on the back,” Rabach said.

“They give us the bird, we wave,” Sellers said. “The universal greeting, I guess, for Philly.”

“Grandma’s mooning you,” Jon Jansen said.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Rabach said.

“I’ve had some old ladies moon us, oh yeah,” Jansen said.

“It’s hard to tell from the backside, to tell you the truth,” Rabach said.

“Oh, you can tell,” Jansen said. “When it’s an old lady, you can tell.”

“Even all the fans after the game were flipping [us] off, and we had a couple guys that were gonna moon ’em,” Cooley said on Elliot. “We were flipping ’em off back. Our windows are so tinted, I really don’t think they can see us.”

“That just makes ’em happy, that they can [tick] you off,” Rabach said.

“All they’re looking for is a rise out of you, a reaction,” Jansen said.

“That’s Philly,” Rabach said.

“That’s what makes it fun,” Jansen said.