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Montgomery Biscuits Baseball!

17 Apr

I attended my first Montgomery Biscuits (AA Tampa Bay Rays affiliate) game last Monday night. The home team was taking on the Mobile (AL) BayBears (AA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks). Montgomery’s Riverwalk Stadium is a great new facility, located in the city’s historic downtown.

Our evening began a short block away near this old water tower

We enjoyed dinner at world famous Dreamland BBQ

Here’s a look at “The Alley” – cool space!

Grabbed a pint of microbrew (Hopitoulas IPA from NOLA)

Dinner was BBQ bird, sauce and Sunbeam Bread

Got a complimentary order of Nanner Puddin’ too!

The brick exterior gives the ballpark a classic look

The team’s apparel store is aptly called the “Biscuit Basket”

Team mascot, Monte Biscuit (complete with butter slab tongue!)

The ballpark was built on the site of the old railroad station

Love this exposed brick feature

Some great details remain from the old railyard

Me and the boys hangin’ out with “Big Mo”

Strolling the inner concourse at Riverwalk Stadium

Listen to team theme songs here:


Some more of the ballpark’s retro features

Real trains still run just beyond the left field wall

Of course, they serve biscuits at Biscuits’ home games!


Brick Pit in Mobile is Still Really Great Stuff

16 Apr


We first visited the Brick Pit some 15 years ago and we were duly impressed. A return trip last week proved that very little had changed — and that is a very good thing! Why mess with pure porcine perfection? The cracked and aged sign seen above is in exactly the same place and still features the same half-assed effort at censorship.  


The big oak tree located just inches outside the Brick Pit’s smokehouse is a little taller now — and a hell of a lot smokier. Frankly, the grand ole tree doesn’t seem to mind. And why should it? I wouldn’t fuss a bit if I could sniff up that wonderful aroma of burning hickory and pecan all day.   


The roadside sign also remains unchanged – Old Glory still flies proudly!


The actual structure looks a tad more rickety than it did way back in 1995. My wife Eileen commented that it seemed a good deal more smoky too, which in BBQ terms means the building has finally been “broken in.”


They don’t sell cold brew at the Brick Pit – just sweet tea and Coke products and a lot of it. But owner and all-around good guy Bill Armbrecht promotes a casual BYOB policy, which is clearly advertised just outside the main entrance to the Mobile eatery. I trust these folks own stock in the company that makes Sharpie markers.


Just about everyone (including yours truly) has claimed a little space on the interior walls. But strategic chunks of the vertical real estate are reserved for images of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and other Crimson Tide football heroes. Yes, this is without a doubt a Bama joint … but they treat everyone (including Yankees) to good old Southern hospitality and top notch “Q.”


That’s BBQ chicken swimming under that layer of delicious blanket of Brick Pit sauce. We think the BBQ sauce here is some of the best in Dixie. The expertly smoked bird ain’t all that bad either!


The pulled pork plate comes with a generous portion of BBQ pig meat with some tantilizing charred end pieces. The sauce (offered in mild and hot varieties) is served warm and that is always a welcome touch. My order was served with some crispy cole slaw, baked beans, and a fat slab of Texas toast.  I quickly polished off the Q before topping off my tank with the sides. You have to have your priorities in order. And, before I forget, make sure you try the banana puddin’ for dessert … oh yeah, baby!


This sign, which has also been around for well over a decade, was created in reaction to the opening of the Mobile franchise of Dreamland BBQ. Founded in Tuscaloosa, Dreamland now has outlets all over the Southeast USA. The Brick Pit and Dreamland have squared off for many moons now, but there is obviously enough business to go around. In other words, this is serious BBQ country, folks!

The Brick Pit is simply one of our favorite BBQ dives in Dixie. We highly recommend it and encourage you to visit soon and often. Tell Bill and the gang that we invited you over. I know they will appreciate it — there are some really nice folks at the one and only Brick Pit!