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Jose’s Real Cuban Food

15 Oct

I visited Jose’s for the first time earlier today. The food was really good and Jose seems like a great guy. He is certainly a hardworking hombre. He does everything from the scratch cooking to serving diners inside this cozy little cantina. Jose is a native of the Miami area, but their loss is surely our gain.

Jose’s can be found at 8799 Cortez Road West in Bradenton, Florida

I ordered the Cuban sandwich and I was quite happy with the decision. Jose also gave me a complimentary taste of the Lechon Asado (marinated pulled pork) and some of his famous Cuban black beans. Both were quite tasty — especially the tender, sour orange marinated pork butt. Jose cooks it for just 4 hours, but it tastes like it has been stewing for far longer. Really tender and dripping with super-flavorful pork fat.

Although the “Mom’s Recipe” Cuban flan was on Jose’s “86 list” (he explained that meant they were sold out), he managed to conjure up a sliver for me. Man, it was soooo good. Jose has been in business for just 18 months and claims that business is pretty brisk. He asked, “Can’t you see the bags under my eyes?” He runs the eatery by day and caters at night. Please support Jose and his quest to provide Manatee County with some authentic Cubano grub. He’s located just a couple miles east of Bradenton Beach. Jose loves baseball and added that several Pittsburgh Pirates and TB Rays employees dine with him regularly.

RC Otter’s on Captiva Island

25 Aug

 RC Otter’s is a fun little joint in beautiful Captiva, Florida

We made our first family trip to Sanibel and Captiva Island over the weekend. Using Naples as our home base, we had a great time seeing the sights, shelling, swimming in the Gulf or hotel pool, and scoring some good eats. We grabbed lunch on Saturday at RC Otter’s Island Eats on Captiva. Nice little place — very colorful.

My two boys standing out front – and hungry!

We decided to sit outside on the shaded porch. Fans spun overhead — keeping us comfortable. I ordered the Cuban sandwich and it was expertly prepared. The meat (pork and ham) was tender and flavorful. The bread was just the desired crunchiness. The cheese was nice and gooey — just like it is supposed to be. Not too much mustard and the dill pickle slice was right in its proper place. Nicely done, folks.

The Cuban Sandwich was very good served with Sweet Potato fries

I substituted the standard side of black beans and rice with some sweet potato fries. I couldn’t decide if I was happy or not with the presentation. The fries were sliced into thick coin sized pieces, breaded and then deep fried. I guess they were OK, but I would prefer more tradition sweet potato fries minus the breading and the tropical mango dipping sauce. The sauce wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a good match for the soft and rather dense sweet tater slabs.  

 We spotted this humorous sign on the wall as we entered Otter’s

Live music accompanies lunch on Saturdays

They offer live music at lunch each day and the gent playing the guitar was very talented. He picked out his own interpretations of tunes like Stormy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, and Chitlins Con Carne. He seemed shocked when I walked up to him and named all the tunes he had just performed for us. That got a hearty laugh out of him. I handed him a couple bucks and thanked him for keeping us entertained. He was quite appreciative.

It’s pretty clear that Travis enjoyed his meal