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Little Moir’s Food Shack – Jupiter, Florida

31 Dec

Little Moir’s Food Shack is found in an unassuming strip mall in Jupiter, FL (just north of West Palm Beach). You wouldn’t think it would be the place everyone (including the NY Times) is raving about, but their reputation has been solidly built by serving fresh, quirky island fare at reasonable prices. It’s a fairly small dining room, so arrive early or expect to wait a few minutes. Don’t let that scare you away. They now have a comfortable indoor waiting area and there are a few interesting shops nearby (including a very cool, if pricey, surf shop).

The Fried Oyster appetizer at Food Shack (above) — my Dad swears by it. He has never ordered anything else and he has dined here about 20 times! It looked great and, well, I kind of wish I had ordered that. Same old story … shouldn’t taken Dad’s advice. When will I learn? Not that my dish was altogether bad. But the oysters looked really crisp and tasty. We had visited Apalachicola (Florida’s Oyster Capital) just a few days earlier and I had devoured my fill of oysters for a while.

Our son Austin ordered some Island Chicken Wings adorned with grated coconut. I snatched one and they were quite good (hot but not too hot). The Food Shack has a casual, beachy atmosphere and music by the likes of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, and Jack Johnson can frequently be heard in the background. I’m told they make a killer macaroni and cheese here, although I might find it hard to order that when presented with all the other fresh seafood options.

I ordered Beer Battered Shrimp with a Jerk Seasoned Steak & Spicy Fruit Salad. The shrimp were good, but could have benefited from a dipping sauce, which was mysteriously not provided with this entree. I enjoyed the bed of coconut rice and the spicy fruit salad is always good (but not for the faint of heart — it delivers a potent jerk). I’m guessing that jalapenos or scotch bonnets figure into the mix somehow. The steak, I must admit, was a bit of a disaster. It was a fatty, stringy little piece of beef and it was overcooked to the texture of a rubber flip-flop. The Caribbean jerk seasoning couldn’t revive it and I spent the next 10 minutes or so sawing away at the steak and shaking our dining table rather violently. Lesson learned — don’t order steak here again. Ever.

I trust this review will not cause you to avoid the Food Shack. It is a great little joint and this was the first somewhat negative experience I have had here (this was our 4th visit). Stick to the seafood offerings and you should have yourself a terrific meal. They have recently opened up a second restaurant called Leftovers. I hope that is not where all the untouched steaks end up.


Cee Dawg Seasonings = Doggone Good

16 Sep

I ran into these folks at the Sarasota Reds annual Wing Fest at Ed Smith Stadium. Nice folks — and they make a very tasty spice blend. They dominated the competition at Wing Fest, so I approached them and asked for a sample bottle of their Chicken Wing Rub. They were kind enough to oblige.

One whiff of the stuff and you can tell there’s lots of garlic in there. That’s a good thing in my book! Here is the intro on their web page —

CeeDawg is the brain-child of a working chemist, with a love for easy, flavorful, and healthy meals. Created in 1999, our products have a strong following in the Mid-Atlantic, and now we are unleashing the flavor on the rest of the world. One try and we think that you too will say “I’ve been bitten by the Dawg”.

A homemade blend of herbs and spices that will give your foods amazing flavor! They’re so easy to use anyone can make great tasting wings, burgers, soups, stews, salads and much more.

CeeDawg rubs are tasty, easy to use, and great on more than just meats! Mix and match our rubs with different meats and sauces, spice up your veggies and pastas. Grill to your heart’s delight, simply oven bake or even crock pot a thing or two!


For more information, sail on over to www.ceedawg.com