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Jack White’s New James Bond Theme

16 Nov

White is joined by Alicia Keys on this modernized soundtrack.

What do you think?

It’s a bit too hip-hoppy for me in spots, but it captures the film’s manic energy.

Good flick — tons of actions. And Bond is at his edgy best. Quantum of Solace is the rare 007 film where the Bond Girl doesn’t sleep with him or die. What they do share is a mission of revenge. Plenty of great exotic locales such as the scenic Italian Coast, steamy Haiti, and a very dark & snowy Russia.

Don’t go if you are sensitive to lots of quick cuts – the dude with the scissors earned his pay!

New Bond Flick Opens Nov. 007

17 Oct

In my humble opinion, Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery.

Connery will simply never be topped, but Craig’s flawed and menacing JB is the next best thing. George Lazenby only starred in one Bond film, Roger Moore was way too comic book, Timothy Dalton was just plain creepy, and Pierce Brosnan was a slight little pretty boy. If you’ve ever read Ian Fleming’s novels, you know that his Bond was by no means perfect and was, at times, a bit dark.

Here’s the trailer for “Quantum of Solace” — it opens on Nov. 007. Cool, huh?