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NOWHERE BOY Finds Its Way Into My Heart

28 Jan

NOWHERE BOY is a neatly-made period piece focusing on John Lennon’s adolescence and the complex relationship between his free spirit Mother (Julia) and her more grounded sister (Mimi). Aaron Johnson (who played the lead in KICK ASS) does a fine job portraying young John; Kristen Scott Thomas is even better in the role of Mimi. The film’s music, as you might expect, is top notch.

A group of studio cats billed as The Nowhere Boys perform several early Beatles numbers and they more often than not do the songs justice. Watch this film and you’ll better understand the inner demons that haunted Lennon throughout his lifetime. Thumbs up on this one — nice little indy flick!

RED – “Retired & Extremely Dangerous”

28 Jan

The movie RED (short for Retired & Extremely Dangerous) is fun and action packed. It’s not going to win any major awards or blow away many critics, but it features an all-star cast (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss, Ernest Borgnine and Mary-Louise Parker, who shines as Willis’ much younger girlfriend) and a very cool original score. It’s basically a DC Comic come to life, so turn off your brain for a couple of hours and let the lead-slinging begin!

Veteran actor Ernest Borgnine (L) and Bruce Willis (R) starring in RED

New Stuff from Marty, Neil and Harry

29 Sep

Marty Stuart continues to crank out classic country in the honky tonk tradition.

Neil Young is aging, but he still likes his music LOUD! Just ask Daniel Lanois.

Harry Nilsson is finally getting his due with his very own documentary.

My First Trip to The Yearling Restaurant

3 May


Good fun — a little difficult to get to. But well worth the effort.

It’s located on County Road 325 in Cross Creek, FL, which is just south of Gainesville. Rustic joint outside, dark and cool inside. Lots of exposed cypress (as you might expect). They still put ice in the urinals — now that is old school kiddies! An extremely retro TV plays an endless loop of the sappy black and white movie “The Yearling” starring Gregory Peck and Jane Wyman. The book “The Yearling” (written by Cross Creek legend Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) is a much better introduction to FL cracker life back in the day.


They had live blues from Willie “The Real Deal” Green. He was awesome!

I enjoyed a soft shell crab sandwich (slathered with a spicy remoulade) with fresh (not canned) collard greens and a nice sweet tea. The crab sandwich was good, the greens better than just good. I was tempted to order a slab of the sour orange pie, but I had to get back on the road and not in the hammock. Next time I’m try that and “The Cracker Sampler,” which includes tastes of their fried gator, frog legs and more.

More soon, in the meantime visit their web site at