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NOWHERE BOY Finds Its Way Into My Heart

28 Jan

NOWHERE BOY is a neatly-made period piece focusing on John Lennon’s adolescence and the complex relationship between his free spirit Mother (Julia) and her more grounded sister (Mimi). Aaron Johnson (who played the lead in KICK ASS) does a fine job portraying young John; Kristen Scott Thomas is even better in the role of Mimi. The film’s music, as you might expect, is top notch.

A group of studio cats billed as The Nowhere Boys perform several early Beatles numbers and they more often than not do the songs justice. Watch this film and you’ll better understand the inner demons that haunted Lennon throughout his lifetime. Thumbs up on this one — nice little indy flick!

RED – “Retired & Extremely Dangerous”

28 Jan

The movie RED (short for Retired & Extremely Dangerous) is fun and action packed. It’s not going to win any major awards or blow away many critics, but it features an all-star cast (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss, Ernest Borgnine and Mary-Louise Parker, who shines as Willis’ much younger girlfriend) and a very cool original score. It’s basically a DC Comic come to life, so turn off your brain for a couple of hours and let the lead-slinging begin!

Veteran actor Ernest Borgnine (L) and Bruce Willis (R) starring in RED

Clooney and Placido heat up the screen in THE AMERICAN

28 Jan

THE AMERICAN is a moody, Euro-styled thriller starring George Clooney. It’s a leaner, meaner, more grizzled Clooney. The film is beautifully shot in Sweden and Italy and features nice supporting performances by Paolo Bonacelli and Violante Placido. Placido is stunning as GC’s steamy love interest, while Bonacelli’s Catholic Father offers divine guidance to Clooney’s hardened hit man character. I enjoyed it and encourage you to give it a shot. Get it? Shot???

Violante Placido, George Clooney’s Italian co-star in THE AMERICAN