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Gulf Coast Foodways Organziation is Officially Unveiled

24 Mar


Gulf Coast Foodways is a new community of foodies on a mission to preserve and promote the rich culinary culture along the US Gulf Coast through education, events, documentaries, seminars and more. Gulf Coast Foodways will be a member driven organization and we’re currently looking for charter members and sponsors.

How exactly are we going to do all of this, you ask?  Through the development of thematic maps and tours, we can drive food tourism to our region. Through video documentation, we can capture and show off the unique culinary culture of our coast.  Cookbooks and published compilations of local food writings and treasured family recipes will draw attention to the traditional foodways of our area. 

We plan to hold periodic meetings for members to make connections and network. These events will include guest speakers on local topics and you can always count on a good meal or two along the way. Our annual symposium weekend is now in the initial planning stage.  Hotel and restaurant industry members will always benefit from the trails, meetings, and symposiums.

We’d like for you to play a key role in the creation of this tasty “gumbo.” 

 Your annual membership or sponsorship will:

 *Help finance research projects

*Promote food-related businesses along the Gulf Coast

*Document local traditions & businesses preserving them

*Promote and grow food tourism along the Gulf Coast

*Underwrite any necessary administrative costs

 In return, your benefits will include:

 *Bi-annual e-newsletter

*Profile feature on the Gulf Coast Foodways blog: 

*10% off all Gulf Coast Foodways event registration

*Priority registration for events

*Discounts at participating restaurants/shops

 We urge you to join this worthy cause today.

Contact Eileen or Gary Saunders at

***Pass this note along to your friends and LIKE us on FACEBOOK.

Baldwin County Strawberry Festival in Loxley, Alabama

11 Apr

Yesterday we attended the 23rd Annual Baldwin County Strawberry Festival in Loxley, AL. What a slice of “American Pie” this event has become. Crafts, classic cars, live music, a beauty pageant, and lots of good food. That makes for a fun, family-oriented day out.

Flats of fresh picked strawberries were sold for $18 each. We actually held off and later found a better price of just 99 cents per quart. I had some on my cereal this morning and they were delicious. Who needs added sugar when Mother Nature delivers all the sweetness you could ask for?

The festivities also included a classic car show. The vehicle seen directly above looks like something I once saw on the cover of a Stray Cats LP. This is a very cool rockabilly ride! Flames are often overdone and cliche, but in this case it was a perfect match.

Gotta love the big fat whitewall tires. I onced owned a 1956 Buick Special and a 1961 Mercury Monterey — had whitewalls on both of ’em. The Special (the Virginia plate read “HoDad”) was totaled while parked outside my pad back in the early ’80s. The Monterey I traded in on a new Honda Civic.  What the hell was I thinking???

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Have you seen the new Impala’s lately? They used to be sleek and sporty. They are now an ugly piece of crap. Sorry, but ya know I’m right.

The Brits were represented with MGs (above) …

… and a Cooper Mini with Union Jack – smashing, baby!

This is my new dream beach wagon — love the color!

Interior of the VW Camper — all original & old school

’70s muscle cars were well represented (see Chevy Nova above)

This kind of detailed striping just isn’t seen much anymore  

Strawberries, as you can see, were flying off the shelves

Lindsay Farms ( was sampling their salsas and chow chows. We also bought a nice Ball jar of “Jacked Up” Peach Preserves (spiked with Jack Daniel’s) from Atlanta-based Jammin’ Jellies. Really nice and loaded with huge chunks of peaches. They also make several varieties of wine jellies. Check them out at .

This tiny Southern belle was vying for Little Miss Strawberry crown 

Humorous “Not So Welcome” mat for sale in crafts area

We stopped by Burris Farm Market on our way home

These freaky white coconuts caught my eye

Pickled Eggs — folks either love ’em or hate ’em. Me? Dig ’em! 

Mrs. Wheat’s Pralines are made in nearby Mobile, Alabama

The best discovery of the day was Millie Ray’s Orange Rolls. Millie Ray was in the house and she was offering up samples of her cinnamon, orange, or sausage rolls. They were all quite good — but the orange rolls stood out as being extra special.

Each batch is rolled out by Millie Ray herself in her bakery near Montgomery, AL. The visible flecks of orange zest and the tart natural orange flavor make it clear that these rolls are made with lots of love. All three varieties sell for about $5 per package ($5.99 at Burris, $4.99 @ Allegri Market on Hwy. 181). If you’re lucky, you’ll be seeing these products in your local grocery store in the not too distant future. Take it from us, they are top notch!

Elberta German Sausage Festival – 2010

29 Mar

Fire Department Volunteers keep the grill flare ups at bay

It takes a lot of charcoal to cook all that sausage!

“Where there’s smoke, there’s sausage.”

Gettin’ down — Elberta style!

Boiled Peanut stand – hey, this IS the Deep South!

Me with 1966 El Camino – “Chariot of the Gods”

Nice of them to do the math for us. No volume discounts, folks!

Fully cooked sausage links – ready to serve!

“Sauerkraut, check! Spicy Mustard, check!”

The Apple Dumpling stand was a popular hangout

“Gimme one, please!”

A warm Apple Dumpling with Vanilla ice cream

Old time grist mill in operation on festival grounds

Bags of freshly ground cornmeal for sale to public

We picked up some local honey to combat pesky pollen allergies