Al’s is the Remedy for your Occasional Hot Dog Fix

21 Mar

Al’s A-Frame (above) along Airport Blvd. in West Mobile.

Hot dogs (for me, at least) are only an occasional craving. I worked in professional baseball for several years and surely ingested a lifetime’s worth of dogs. When the craving does call from deep within, waiting is not an option. So in some towns you are out of luck unless you make your own or happen to stumble across a live sporting event. We are fortunate to have a joint like Al’s here in Mobile. And this is no fly by night venture either. They have been a fixture right here for more than … wait for it … 25 years!

Al’s is found in a rather plain looking strip mall setting. “Don’t judge a book …”

Al’s menu board – more than just hot dogs here, that’s for sure!

Chicago-style with tomatoes & celery salt (no poppy seed bun???)

Not the best I’ve ever devoured, not the wurst (get it?) either.

A hot dog, for the most part, is a hot dog. Am I right or am I right?

Al’s Jumbo Dog  definitely gets the job done — and that’s all I ever ask for.

Trying the “Other Fine Foods” will have to wait for another day.

Al’s Hot Dogs & Other Fine Foods

4701 Airport Blvd # 210
Mobile, AL 36608-3188
(251) 342-3243

Open Monday – Saturday from 10:30 am until 6 pm

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