Daphne’s Moe’s Original BBQ will Slap You Silly with Flavor

20 Feb

 I am a bit of a BBQ snob. I have consumed a good bit of smoked piggy meat in my time. Some really good, most of it just OK, a lot of it pretty gross. So like a Hollywood hunk who has had his pick of the starlets, I am not easily excited or impressed when it comes to trying out a new Q joint. This leads me to my first encounter with Moe’s Original BBQ …  

Moe’s BBQ has a total of 9 locations. Three of them are in Colorado, the balance in Alabama. I know, it sounds a bit odd. Not sure how it shook out that way. I guess that’s potential fodder for a future blog. Anyhoo, my first taste of Moe’s did not occur at any of their 9 locations. It happened inside a hospitality tent at the Under Armour Senior Bowl football game in Mobile. I must say it was good — I mean really good. So much so that I made a mental note to make a visit to their Daphne, AL location at my earliest convenience.

The rustic menu board is just my style — & the variety ain’t bad either!

Folksy artwork (above) inside Moe’s dining area. Elvis and JB — nice!

This (above) is where all the magic begins. I ordered the pulled pork platter, which comes with the diner’s choice of 2 sides and a heaping hunk of cornbread. Side decisions are not easy — they offer quite an impressive number of choices. I recalled from my Senior Bowl experience that the slaw was terrific, so that call was easy. I’m always a sucker for sweet potato casserole, so that was selection #2. Felt pretty doggone confident about my decisions.

My platter of porky goodness is pictured above in glorious, living color. It was all soooo good — every last bit of it. The pork was lean and smoky, while the sauce was warm (as in temperature) and tangy. The total package reminded a great deal of King’s BBQ in Petersburg, VA (a longtime Saunders’ family favorite). If you know me, you know that this is high praise indeed!

The chunky cornbread had a nice char on the exterior … I’m guessing they warm it up a bit on the grill before serving. The sublime marinated slaw was vinegar-based with a hint of celery seed and sugar. It also was laced with chopped green pepper and red onion. Wonderful! The sweet potato casserole was also slammin’, thanks to a crispy, cinnamon/sugar cereal flake topping and a pleasing texture (not too baby food smooth) that was reminiscent of homemade.

Moe’s pulled pork & slaw are superb — the best we’ve had in Baldwin County.

You can dine in or dine out (patio pictured above), but just dine here already!

I love the 3 Stooges and I never thought there’d be another Moe in my life.

Guess I was wrong, huh?


2 Responses to “Daphne’s Moe’s Original BBQ will Slap You Silly with Flavor”

  1. Brent February 17, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    The guys who started moes are from Tuscaloosa, AL and decided to get out of the south and wanted to ski so they moved to CO. They ha worked at a BBQ joint in northport, al and decided to open one in Vail, Lionshead Village to be exact. Always wearing Bama gear and Bear Bryant all over the walls in their original Vail locale. Awesome BBQ!

  2. F. Simmons June 24, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    As a boy I lived in Perersburg,VA … my dad had a barbeque place there. I haven’t live there since about 1956 . He cooked pork on a pit hehind the restaurant. Today many of these styles of restaurants use a Cook Rite Cooker which is an electric cooker that has a small place to put hickory or other wood chips for flavor. He used Alford’s Barbeque Sauce. It was a wonderful sauce mostly venegary but with a tomato base so its reddish in color the bottle. Today Sauer’s owns it. They are based in Richmond, VA. They have done a good job and have added one additional version which is spicier. This sauce is superior to Kings in both body and flavor. The last two times we visited Kings the pork was dry and somewhat too chewy and the portion was stingy. Still it’s a very good old barbeque joint we always stop in when driving through the old historic city. Mr. Alford had the best sauce around and sold it in one gallon glass jugs with the little finger handle up at the spout. My dad bought it by the case of four and about six or eight cases a week if I remember. Can’t remember it all. I wish Sauer would put a better lable on their pacakage telling about the history of this excellent sauce.

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