Papa Rocco’s Pizza Rocks Gulf Shores, Alabama

19 Oct

A visit to the coast is not always about seafood. Sometimes you want an inexpensive meal or perhaps you are craving some good Italian food. Such a Sunday afternoon feeling led us to Papa Rocco’s Pizza in Gulf Shores, AL. It’s a short scooter ride from the beach. And, perhaps more importantly, we had heard good things via foodie chat on the web.

There are about 10 flat screen TVs inside Papa Rocco’s and it seemed like each one had a different NFL game on. Tourists decked out in Packers, Colts, Browns, and Rams attire mixed easily with fans of the New Orleans Saints (the closest thing that we have to a home team along the Alabama Coast).

We ended up feeding the family for just over $20 — and the pizza was pretty darn tasty! Ours came with pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers and red onion. To be honest, we could have probably downed a second pie — it was that good. The spaghetti and meatballs also looked very tempting. The meatballs were huge (well, about the size of billiard balls). The service was excellent and the atmosphere comfy. We will surely return. Thanks, Papa!

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