Good Eats around Bon Secour, Alabama

22 Aug

Down South BBQ is near the intersection of AL Highways 59 and 10. It’s close enough to 59 to make this a quick &  easy stop for tourists vacationing in nearby Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. They seem to stay very busy year round, but especially so during the steamy summer months along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

You order at the window. Carry out or dine at screened-in picnic tables. Lots of unique menu choices. Service is friendly and fairly brisk. Thank goodness because it’s hot as hell this time of year. The nice young gal working the window this day had a German accent. That’s something you don’t get much at Alabama roadside BBQ stands.

This may be one of the best T-shirt slogans I’ve seen in quite some time.

We couldn’t resist the BBQ sandwich served on cornmeal pancakes. Man, it was huge — I had no idea it was gonna be so massive when I ordered it. I ended up sharing the sandwich with my son, Travis. He woofed it all down in short order and pronounced it delicious. It was indeed good, although the cornbread “bun” didn’t hold together as well as the more traditional bun or Texas toast. Make sure you get plenty of BBQ sauce to balance out the natural dryness of the thick cornmeal pancakes.

I would definitely return to Down South but would still rate Robertsdale’s Hickory House as the very best BBQ we’ve enjoyed along Alabama’s Eastern Shore. Try ’em both and let us know what you think. We’re all ears! 

  Captain’s Galley Restaurant is a short ride west of Down South. Confused yet?

I was excited about this first visit. I’d been told that they serve smoked mullet. Now I love smoked mullet, yet I hadn’t enjoyed any since our visit to Ted Peter’s Smoked Fish in St Petersburg, FL more than a year ago. The smoked mullet at Captain’s Galley was good, if not up to the world class standard at Ted Peter’s. My order was a little dry — but still extremely flavorful! Just be careful as you savor all the smokey goodness — there are little bones throughout the entire fish. Yes, you get a whole smoked mullet for just $4. Are you kidding me? The smoked mullet platter at Ted Peter’s (which comes with warm German potato salad) runs about $14.

Had to show you this table tent (above) to prove the smoked mullet was just $4!

Learn more about the Captain’s Galley of Bon Secour, AL at:

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