Sweet Revolution Maple Honey Caramels – “Viva La Revolution!”

31 Jul

San Francisco’s Sweet Revolution makes a darn good salted caramel. Now, you may think you’ve had good caramels before. But, believe me, these folks take it to another level. This (above) is how our candies arrived at the DixieDining.com HQ.

But before I continue, let’s learn a little more about the source:

Sweet Revolution’s Maple Honey Caramels are as unique and innovative as their name. The only confectioner nationwide making USDA certified organic salted caramels with the finest ingredients and devoid of corn syrup or cane sugar. The caramels are handmade in San Francisco using only Maple, Dairy, Honey, Sea Salt, and Vanilla Bean.

Deliciously addictive, the intense sweet and savory flavors and the buttery finish have created a frenzy amongst candy lovers all over the world. Even candy fans who don’t love caramels have touted their praise and asked for more.

Anastasia Hägerström, the brainchild behind Sweet Revolution, developed her sense of taste and style from living in many different countries throughout her life. It was her exposure to the pureness and simplicity of these various cuisines that impelled her to create a candy that best exemplified the integrity and ingredients she grew up with. The result is Sweet Revolution’s Maple Honey Caramels; her attempt to revolutionize the candy world as we know it.

Now that we have that bit of back story out of the way, let’s get down to the fun part. Eating them! I carefully opened the brown cardboard box to reveal 12 delicious salted caramels wrapped in plain white wax paper. Sure they’re almost $2 each, but these babies are something to be savored, not woofed down like a bag full of Sugar Babies.

Here (above) is a single candy piece — for scale purposes if nothing else.

The unwrapped caramel is a glistening thing of beauty to behold. Bask briefly in all its sweet glory before taking your first bite. Yes, I said bite. Don’t go scarfing these caramels down in one giant chomp. Take your time … savor the rich, complex flavor. You’ll taste the honey, the maple syrup. All organic I might add. Vanilla bean and sea salt round out this delicious party in your mouth.  

A certain sadness will set in once you’ve polished off the first piece. A sadness that comes from knowing you only have 11 candies left. Ouch! I guess I’ll be placing another order soon. I was also thinking these attractive little boxes (sealed with red wax a la Makers Mark Bourbon) would make for unique holiday gifts. Hey, it’s not that far away, people. So make yourself a note to put a few of boxes of Sweet Revolution Maple Honey Caramels on your end of year shopping list. Your family and friends will appreciate it. I know I sure would — hint, hint! 

Get your own little brown box today. Here’s how …


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