Grading The Food Network Stars

20 Jul
I’m gonna do this very quickly — call it a “gut” reaction:

So let’s hear it, folks. I want your own ratings on this.

Who’s first???

One Response to “Grading The Food Network Stars”

  1. Beth July 26, 2010 at 2:28 am #

    Okay, I’m with you on Michael Symon – wish I could see a lot more of him. But, come on, give Bobby a little more credit – 1) I want to eat EVERYTHING he makes 2) most things he makes are not unreasonable for an “at home cook” 3) he knows what he’s talking about (he’s got facts – he’s not just throwing stuff together without telling you about it 4) he’s nice – to all his guests! Love him!

    Ina – love her, but I wish someone would tell her this is a cooking show and not a daytime drama – who cares what the hell T.R. is up to this afternoon. Or the butcher, or the florist, etc.

    Mario – I needed a break from him.

    Michael Symon – worth mentioning again

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