Salted Caramel – “Where Sweet Meets Savory”

16 Jun

We recently received some Salted Caramel treats in our Dixie Dining company mail box. I had seen a write-up about Smoked Pecan Bourbon Caramel Corn in Garden & Gun magazine and I had to give it a go. Turns out the company also makes a killer Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn. Now that’s about as Southern as it gets! Founded by confectioner Ginna Haravon in 2009, Salted Caramel is a Chicago-based company with it’s heart in the South.

The Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn is shown above — after I spilled it out on our granite countertop. The Smoked Pecan Bourbon variety was devoured in a flash. Our crew circled and attacked it like a hungry flock of seagulls (insert 80’s hairband joke here). The smoky flavor was subtle, yet very much there.

The pork-laced corn produced a slightly different reaction – as you might imagine. Some dug in heartily, while others popped individual kernals in their mouths and swirled it around like they would a fine wine. In this case I would say fine swine because it was, to my taste buds, mighty fine. The sweet/salty trend has been with us for some time now. And the whole bacon mixed with anything sweet has, along with chocolate covered pretzels, led that culinary charge. Doughnut shops have introduced maple and bacon creations and they have flown off the shelves. Who says pigs can’t fly??? 

Our consensus is that these treats are extra-special and would make an excellent gift for any Southern foodie in your life. Someone once said “Bacon Makes Everything Better” and that certainly holds true with caramel corn. The smoked pork flavor is not overwhelming, but it does provide an extra layer of savory, greasy goodness. So buy some for a friend and don’t forget to score a couple bags for yourself. Eat some for breakfast: “Relax, it’s got bacon in it!” You may even catch yourself “oinking” as you pig out on these delicious, golden brown nuggets. And don’t be surprised if you hear its praises being sung from the kudzu shaded trailer parks to the finest gourmet kitchens throughout Dixie.

As Porky Pig would say … “That’s all folks!!!” 

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