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Fresh Fried Pies from Backroads Bakery

9 Apr

I recently learned about these tasty fried pies after seeing a brief write up on Backroads Bakery of Gordon, TX (a short drive due west of Fort Worth). Now I do love me some fried pies, but I’m not crazy about the often stale, sugar-glazed pies which are mass produced and found in dusty C-stores all over the good old US of A. Pictured above is the absolute motherlode of 12 freshly fried pies we just received from Backroads Bakery. Talk about making your day!

These beauties are fried to a gorgeous golden brown.

The company’s story is printed proudly on each pie wrapper. It’s a great Mom and Pop success story and we encourage all of you to support them and like businesses throughout Dixie.

This (shown above) is their Cherry Pie after a few seconds in the microwave. We found the fruit fillings tasted great warm, but the crust seems to perform better right out of the wrapper. Backroads’ fried pies taste super fresh and are not overly sweet. In fact, the crust is vaguely reminiscent of a cake doughnut. The fruit fillings are obviously made in small batches and you can actually find pieces of fruit in each pie.  

White gooey goodness inside the Fried Apple Pie.

All in all, the fried pies from Backroads Bakery are a pretty big improvement over the mass-produced commercial brands (Hostess, etc.). Our only suggestion might be to increase the quantity of filling a bit and perhaps slightly decrease (if possible) the thickness of the crust. We do realize, however, that a substantial exterior is required to prevent pies from bursting during the frying process.

Good work, Sarah! We will gladly point folks in your direction when asked about quality Southern fried pies available via mail order. They’re always best right out of the oil, but this is surely the next best thing for folks craving a sweet taste of home.  So grab yourself a Texas-sized glass of milk and “GAME ON!”  

Backroads Bakery, Gordon, TX 76453; 254 693-5454

“Just Like Grandma Made”