Caroline’s Cakes – Taking It To The 7th Layer

28 Dec

We came across Caroline’s Cakes while surfing the web for mail order desserts.  Sure, we realize Annapolis, Maryland is not exactly the Heart of Dixie. But these cakes looked amazing and we were open to giving them a try. I reached out to Caroline via email and she was quick to respond to our inquiry. Eager to impress our loyal Southern palates, she kindly sent us a couple treats to sample and enjoy with our friends over the holiday season.  The first cake we tasted was their famous 7-Layer Caramel (pictured above). This is the marvel of nature that put Caroline’s on the culinary map (including a feature on the NBC Today Show). One mouthful and I was experiencing a pleasant, sugary sweet buzz — sooo deeee-lish!

We also received the Carrot Caramel Delight Cake (shown above). My wife is a carrot cake fanatic and she was gushing with praise for this one. The alternating layers of caramel icing are what make this cake so unique.  

Here’s Caroline’s story as it appears on her web site …

As many of you already know, I first served my Seven-Layer Caramel Cake at my youngest son’s Christening in 1982. The power of word-of-mouth spread this incredible tasty treat across the country. Before I knew it I had customers as far away as Alaska and Hawaii wondering how soon they could get a Caramel Cake. WOW!! Initially I had a baker in South Carolina who made the cakes and I would pick them up and ship or deliver them to customers. Unfortunately she became ill and I had to decide whether or not I could continue the business. The answer was quite simple thanks to my wonderful customers who kept asking for more cakes! This labor of love was a rough start because Caramel is so difficult to perfect. I can remember days when it would take me an hour and a half to get the icing to stay on the cake. I was determined to make it work and through great perseverance I finally conquered and owned the process.

Caroline’s Cakes offers several other cake varieties as well. Visit their mouth-watering  web site for pricing and additional details. You will not be disappointed! In fact, we predict you’ll be floating in 7th heaven.

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