Paula Deen’s Boys Come to Fairhope

25 Sep

deens bobby

The Deen boys were in town yesterday evening to promote their new book titled “Take It Easy.” Paula’s sons have been doing quite well on their own – thanks to their uber-famous Southern Mama. The guys turned out to be friendly and very down to earth. Bobby was kind enough to pose for a photo and chat a bit with my son Travis. Travis wants to be a Food Network chef when he grows up, so it was a thrill for him. Thanks, Bobby!

deen book

The above is one of 3 Deen Boys cookbooks now in release

deens distant

Taking some questions from the audience

Last night’s appearance took place in the scenic French Quarter courtyard in downtown Fairhope. The event was hosted by the wonderful Page & Palette bookstore here in town. Panini Pete’s, perhaps our favorite Fairhope eatery, provided some culinary assistance. They prepared a couple recipes from the Deen’s latest book including a Three Bean Ham Salad and some little Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches. The guys fielded questions from a rather large crowd on hand. Most of the audience was female and in the 45-65 age group. They asked a lot of questions about Paula … as you might imagine. “Is she as sweet as she seems?” YES. “Does she have a cholesterol problem?” NO. “Where is she today?” PHILLY. “When did you last talk to her?” THIS MORNING.  

deens with Panini

The Deens with a hard-working Panini Pete’s employee

The Deen’s had been on the PR trail for about a week now and were looking forward to returning home to Savannah. It was a fun evening but quite sticky in the Lower Alabama humidity. No, Fall has not reached us yet!

To order the Deen Brothers latest book, go to:

2 Responses to “Paula Deen’s Boys Come to Fairhope”

  1. Dixie Caviar September 25, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    What do you think of their new book?

    • dixiedining September 28, 2009 at 11:40 am #

      Not bad — recipes are pretty basic. I’m sure Paula (aka Y’alla) had a hand in it. How is cooking school going? Is it all you expected it to be?

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