This Hash is Truly “Heavenly”

27 Aug


A Garden and Gun magazine reader’s poll mentioned a certain candy made by nuns right here in the Mobile Bay area. I was excited about it … but kinda ticked off that no one here in Mobile had steered me in their direction previously. Oh well, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  


The Visitation Monastery is a beautiful place, that’s for certain. So peaceful. You do indeed feel the spirit’s presence as you roam the grounds shaded by massive live oaks. The stately building you see directly above is actually the gift shop. The store is chock full of religious objects, books and jewelry. They also happen to make some divinely inspired candies.

monast candy2

Although the little devil perched on my shoulder urged me to try the thin mints, I ultimately purchased two boxes (one small, one large) of the Heavenly Hash. Now if you’re a Yankee, you might be thinking, “What in the hell is Heavenly Hash?” Others may just be familiar with it as an ice cream flavor at their corner scoop shop. It really is a candy, people … and a spectacular one when created by hands touched (or perhaps guided) by God.   

monast candy

You might call it a Holy Trinity: Fresh Milk Chocolate, local Pecans, and homemade Marshmallows. Blend them together and you have yourself a tasty mess of Heavenly Hash. The small box is just for me. The big box is for a church supper this Friday night. Talk about your matches made in heaven!

monast mary

Praise the Lord and pass the hash! When did you last hear that?

One Response to “This Hash is Truly “Heavenly””

  1. Carol Witmer May 26, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    Can I order candy for you to ship to a nursing home in Clinton, MS

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