Los Tacos Moves Inside in Fairhope, AL

22 Aug


The first couple of times I dined at Los Tacos, I ordered from the truck you see above and I ate in my car. Times must be good for Los Tacos because they have moved indoors to a cooler – and more more spacious dining area.


I was tempted by the window sign pushing 99 cent Chorizo tacos. But I remained strong and stuck with my original plan: one taco al pastor and one carnitas taco.


Yup … they actually have a door now. Moving on up!


Taco al Pastor — Mexican style with cilantro, onion and lime on a corn tortilla. Well, really two corn tortillas. That is a genius idea because these meaty little diablos would likely burst open if you used just one tortilla.


The carnitas (pork) taco shown above was a meaty delight — no skimping on the pig meat this day. I wasted no time in assaulting that one first.


I squeezed a bit of lime juice on each taco and dug in. An occasional dip into the green and red salsas provided the meal with just the right amount of spice.


The salsas are dished out by diners into these tiny paper cups. You may find that you will need several of these babies before your feeding frenzy is complete.


This view gives you an idea of how much meat they stuffed into one little $1.69 taco. This kind of generosity pays off in the long run because word of mouth will praise the value offered at Los Tacos.

Congrats on the news digs , folks. But please don’t get too big, too fast.

To be honest, you totally had me at “Carnitas!”

One Response to “Los Tacos Moves Inside in Fairhope, AL”

  1. Lisa Leon October 8, 2009 at 1:48 am #

    OMG, I love this place…….I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and there is no place like Los Tacos…… Fresh, homemade and very filling.. My family went on vacation to Fairhope, AL and stopped at Los Tacos and we were BLOWN away on how authenic the food is and the pricing hits our budget perfect………..Thank You Los Tacos………We love and miss your food

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