Get Your Bird On at Miami’s “Michy’s”

12 Aug


Spotted this review online.

Who knew Miami could be so Southern?

It’s August in Miami, and you know what that means: Dolphins preseason. But also: specially priced menus all over town.

And while there are many a lukewarm bargain to be had, only one new culinary special stands on a poultry pedestal all its own, high above the rest, looking down and flapping its wings in mockery of all the other would-be deals out there.

We’re speaking of Michy’s Endless Fried Chicken Feast, unleashing its finger-licking goodness on the chicken-starved masses in just a scant few hours’ time.

Let’s get right to it: starting tonight, and every subsequent Wednesday until October blows into town, for the price of two South Beach cocktails ($33), you will be privy to an unlimited rodízio-style cavalcade of succulent fried chicken, and because this is Bernstein’s house and not some other two-bit bird den, the chicken is bathed in a buttermilk, tarragon and black pepper marinade before it gets fried up and dropped on your plate—we’re talking legs, breasts, wings, thighs…the whole nine chicken yards.

Of course, a true, world-class fried chicken bender wouldn’t be complete without a few never-ending sides, and the James Beard’ed Bernstein comes through with heaping piles of biscuits and gravy, coleslaw, watermelon Greek salad and dark chocolate cream pie.

Somewhere Colonel Sanders is stroking his beard in anger.

Michy’s Endless Fried Chicken Feast
6927 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138

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