Aunt RoRo’s “Healthy” Nanner Puddin’

7 Aug

Banana Puddin

Yup — read it myself — on the menu at Auntie Ro Ro’s Cafe in West Mobile. It reads “$2.49 per Healthy Serving.” Well, in that case, bring me two orders, please!

One Response to “Aunt RoRo’s “Healthy” Nanner Puddin’”

  1. Tasha December 28, 2009 at 9:40 pm #

    I had the banana pudding and it was not as good as I expected it to be since that is what they are supposed to be known for. It seemed like it was just made (warm) and it was very soup like. I was not impressed and neither was my party and the table sitting behind me said that they did not like it. When a lady asked me how my food was, I told her everything was great but we didn’t care for the banana pudding. She announced in the restaurant (or should I say screamed from the front of the restaurant to the back where the cooks were, this is our first person that did not like our pudding). I was a little embarrased but, hey it was the truth! However, the lunch was great! It seemed like everything was homemade (Gravy, biscuits) I really enjoyed the lunch. The building is quite too small with little room for the servers to move around in. But, if you like homemade food then its a wonderful place to eat! Not the best banana pudding though!

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