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The Jamaican Cafe in Mobile, AL

18 Jul




First of all, let me apologize for the poor picture quality. These shots were snapped with my smart phone — not the normal camera I tote around on my culinary adventures.  

This was my first trip to the Jamaican Cafe on Azalea Road in Mobile. Now Mobile is not exactly Kingston, yet this port city once was the major point of entry for many tropical fruits being shipped to the US.

The help was friendly, the place pretty clean, and the food tasty (if not over the top spicy). The Curried Chicken plate came with rice and peas, a warm cabbage slaw,  and a slab of sweet, kernal laden cornbread. The chicken was super tender and fell right away from the bone.

Next time I am going to be looking for heat — that means JERK!!!

Mary B’s Tea Biscuits

18 Jul

Mary b's

These frozen biscuits are really good — about the closest you’ll find to homemade. In fact, they are made by a company called Homade Foods (located in Pensacola, FL). The also make cheddar and blueberry varieties. We’ve had them both and like them very much. Just add a little butter to the cheddar biscuits. As for the blueberry biscuits, I like them with a dab of butter and some blueberry sorghum. Wow!

You can find them at WalMart, Winn Dixie, or online via the company’s web site at These biscuits are highly recommended, so shop with extreme confidence. Just be sure to cook them all the way through. We’ve noticed the prescribed cooking time is sometimes not enough to get the job done. Or maybe we just have oven issues, who knows???