A Sweet & Spicy Pair

20 Jun

OK … first of all, get your head out of the gutter.

Good! Now I can proceed with my ramblings.


Braswell’s jellies are made in Georgia. They are really delicious — this one especially so. It is plenty sweet, but be forewarned: It also packs a wicked kick. I love it … some may not. It is heaven when smeared atop cream cheese on a Wheat Thin or Trisket cracker.

buf rock

For a sure fire double whammy, try washing it down with a swig of Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale. Or as my Granny Justice calls it, “Jinge-ale.” It’s not as fiery as the Blenheim brand that many South Carolinians are familiar with. Yet don’t be fooled, y’all. It has a more subtle heat than evolves into a bit of an afterburn. My son commented that his lips were burning a few minutes after polishing off an ice cold glass of Buffalo Rock.

Visit their web sites at:



It’s good — but go there at your own risk. It’s not for the faint of heart!

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