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New Issue of Oxford American Hits Stores

1 Jun

What is best about the South? That is the question. Or at least the one we asked our free-spirited contributors. In the issue we call “The Best of the South 2009,” you will find their answers.

And let’s not downplay the durability of the technology: Perfectly sized to toss in your travel bag (you wouldn’t toss your laptop into your travel bag!), our “Best of the South 2009” issue is packed with things to do and think about.

To achieve such highfalutin goals, we consulted literary experts: vibrant writers who know the South and who can illuminate the overlooked with expertise and pizzazz.

So what do our experts do? Well, they search for eternal youth; they find the best cheese; they honor the best singer to have sung on a Rolling Stones song (not Mick, not Keith, not even Charlie); they rediscover Eudora Welty’s second-funniest story; they travel haunted roads; they walk—sorry, ski—on water; they rebuild farmhouses—in short, they write (very eloquently!) about people and things and experiences that can shed light on our sometimes baffling but always rich experience of life in the American South.

If you want names, we will tell you that our “Best of the South 2009” issue features some amazingly skillful writers, including: Wendy Brenner, George Singleton (in his OA fiction debut), Michael Parker, Sean Rowe, Hal Crowther, Lolis Eric Elie, Rebecca T. Godwin, John T. Edge, Beth Ann Fennelly, Wright Thompson, Kim Sunée, William Caverlee, Thomas Swick, Alan Grant, Lauren Groff, Keith Pandolfi, Mark Winegardner, Emily Raboteau, Susannah Felts, and many other literary hotshots.

We think this is our best “Best of the South” issue (it’s our fourth), but we’ll leave that for you to decide. Thanks for reading!

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