USA Crawfish Tails – There is a BIG Difference

5 Apr


Our good friends at recently sent us a couple pounds of cleaned crawfish tails. Unlike a lot of the crawfish tails currently sold in the USA, these babies were actually farm raised in Louisiana (not in Vietnam or Taiwan) by C.J.’s Seafood in Breaux Bridge. They were also professionally purged of all that nasty grayish brown poop that often accompanies the Asian varieties. Now I must admit that, in a pinch, we have occasionally purchased imported crawfish tails from Asia. In all honesty, sometimes that is all you can find here in SW FL.  

But please don’t let anyone tell you that there is no noticeable difference between LA and foreign raised crawfish. The tails we sampled from the Cajun Grocer were super plump, meaty, a pleasing white in color, and fresh tasting without a hint of fishiness. In comparison, most of the Asian tails we have tried were smaller, slightly grey in hue, and, well, a little gamey tasting at times. We would strongly encourage you to seek out crawfish raised right here in the good old USA. Sure, a little extra effort may be required. But you will be rewarded with a truly delicious dining experience.

Ask your local grocer to offer crawfish raised here in this country. If that doesn’t work, order some online at It’s easy and much cheaper than you might think. And don’t forget to try the award-winning recipe for Mike’s Crawfish Etoufee. It appears on each frozen 16 oz. packet of cleaned crawfish tails from C.J.’s.  Cleaning (aka purging) makes big difference — trust us!

One Response to “USA Crawfish Tails – There is a BIG Difference”

  1. Crawfish April 7, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    Definitely there is a big difference. Check this out and see!

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