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The Oaks Bar-B-Q is the Pits

23 Feb


I consider myself a big fan of BBQ and The Oaks Bar B Q is located only a few short miles from my Sarasota home. I have passed by this place countless times but never felt compelled to stop in for a bite. Why? Well, maybe it was my gut speaking to me. Or perhaps it was the fact that I rarely — check that — never heard anyone talking about it.


Well, today was the day when I made the commitment to stop in and give The Oaks a try. Sorry I did. To say I was simply disappointed would be an understatement. Frankly, it was pretty bad — bordering on really bad.  


I ordered the large chopped pork sandwich plate, which runs $6.80 before tax, tip and beverage. A fair price, one might think. But given the food quality, I think not. The pork was bland (not smokey) and speckled with several inedible chunks of gristle. The meat itself was not hot … I’ll be kind and pretend it was luke warm. Wink, wink. The accompanying sauce was nothing to write home about either. The slaw was made with far too much mayo, which gave the side dish a really heavy taste. Imagine grated cabbage, a truckload of mayo, and a splash of pickle relish and that’s pretty much it. And the Brunswick Stew, well, let’s just say right here that I’m sure you can get better stew at your local homeless shelter or state prison. Nasty — tasted like ketchup mixed with a little water and some frozen veggies.  The portion was incredibly small which, in hindsight, was a good thing.  I didn’t even consider finishing it.


Needless to say, we suggest you “steer” clear of The Oaks and venture just a short ride north on Tamiami Trail to Sonny’s BBQ. You’ll be glad you did!