Chifles Plantain, Cassava & Tortilla Chips

22 Feb


We love these products — they are made by Plantain Products of Tampa, FL. You can find them at Publix stores throughout Florida. If you live outside the Sunshine State, visit Chifles store locator feature at: 

Here’s a little history on the company …

Segundo Argudo’s home country of Ecuador is famous for Plantain Chips. Segundo’s wife, Peggy, is from North Carolina and they both met in Washington D.C. while Segundo was studying geophysics on a scholarship program from Ecuador. After working as a geophysicist for several oil companies, the family; including the two children, Stefanie and Ricardo, settled in Tampa, Florida. Mr. & Mrs. Argudo immediately began experimenting with making Plantain Chips from their memories of the same delicious snack which was sold by the many street vendors in Cuba. The Argudo’s began selling Chifles products in 1965, initially in Tampa, Miami and then New York. The company operated from two plants before moving to the present location in 1972. Mr. Argudo passed away in January of 2000 from a sudden illness.

The plantains and cassavas are imported from Ecuador and Costa Rica where they are processed in the company’s 20,000-sq. ft. facility with 30 employees located in Tampa, Florida. The products are sold to approximately 20 Snack Food distributors primarily concentrated in the New York area and Florida.

Our success has been attributable to quality. This not only describes our fine products but the employees who are responsible for all the details required to manufacture the Plantain and Cassava Chips. We are also proud of our ethical business philosophy in dealing with customers and employees.

Plantain Products Company is a manufacturer and distributor of Plantain Chips, Cassava Chips, Pork Rinds, Tortilla Chips and Plantain Soup Mix. Plantain Products Company began operations in 1963 by Mr. & Mrs. S.G. Argudo in the kitchen of their home. Mrs. Argudo is currently President and CEO.

One Response to “Chifles Plantain, Cassava & Tortilla Chips”

  1. Stefanie March 9, 2009 at 2:25 pm #

    Hi there….thanks for the feature on your blog! I’m Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie, daughter of the founders. Glad to know you like our chips enough to give us a nod.

    Just to give you an update on the chips. The new packaging features attributes Chifles Plantain and Cassava chips have had all along, but we never put them on the bag. Such as, they are all natural, 0% trans fat (ok, so that didnt happen until about 2000), gluten free and now certified Kosher by the OU.


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