Sarasota’s Annual Greek Glendi Festival

13 Feb


I dropped by the local Greek festival at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Sarasota for lunch today. Honestly, I was surprised at how many people had the same idea on a beautiful Friday afternoon in SW FL. The entry fee was $4 for adults — kids under 12 are admitted free.


I immediately bypassed the arts & crafts exhibits and motored with purpose towards the food tents. The heavenly aroma greeted me long before I laid eyes on the bountiful variety of Grecian grub. After a brief period of deliberation, I decided on the Spanakopita plate, which set me back all of $5. The platter included a massive square of the spinach and phyllo dough treat alongside a generous cup of diced tomatoes, chopped cucumber & green pepper, and kalamata olives doused in a zesty Greek feta dressing.



The dessert choices at the festival were equally plentiful. I decided on the honey drenched, nutty beauty seen below. The delicate pastry exterior was just perfect and the rich filling was a nicely balanced blend of sugar and spice. I took time to really savor the treat, which cost $3. A Greek combo performed on a nearby stage, so I enjoyed a bit of a sideshow while I devoured my dessert.   


Sadly, I can’t go back to the festival this weekend, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. For more information on Greek Glendi, visit their web site at

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