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Sarasota’s Annual Greek Glendi Festival

13 Feb


I dropped by the local Greek festival at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Sarasota for lunch today. Honestly, I was surprised at how many people had the same idea on a beautiful Friday afternoon in SW FL. The entry fee was $4 for adults — kids under 12 are admitted free.


I immediately bypassed the arts & crafts exhibits and motored with purpose towards the food tents. The heavenly aroma greeted me long before I laid eyes on the bountiful variety of Grecian grub. After a brief period of deliberation, I decided on the Spanakopita plate, which set me back all of $5. The platter included a massive square of the spinach and phyllo dough treat alongside a generous cup of diced tomatoes, chopped cucumber & green pepper, and kalamata olives doused in a zesty Greek feta dressing.



The dessert choices at the festival were equally plentiful. I decided on the honey drenched, nutty beauty seen below. The delicate pastry exterior was just perfect and the rich filling was a nicely balanced blend of sugar and spice. I took time to really savor the treat, which cost $3. A Greek combo performed on a nearby stage, so I enjoyed a bit of a sideshow while I devoured my dessert.   


Sadly, I can’t go back to the festival this weekend, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. For more information on Greek Glendi, visit their web site at

Omega 3 Cookies Hit The Market

13 Feb


The folks at Ambo Foods in Venice FL have made it easy to get enough Omega 3 oils in your diet. In fact, it turns out to be delicious as well – even for those people who don’t eat fish.  They sent us a variety pack to sample and we started with the Tropical cookie (complete with pineapple and papaya chunks). These are pretty big cookies (about 2.5 oz each) and they are chock full of good, healthy stuff like rolled oats, wheat flour, egg whites, and cinnamon. 

And don’t worry, they do not taste fishy — at all. Very tasty and satisfying. We are now looking forward to digging into the other varieties including chocolate chip and cranberry. Healthy eating and flavor too? What a concept!


Here’s some background info ripped from their web site:

Ambo Foods, Inc, the company behind Omega Cookie, was founded by omega-3 specialists Drs. Anne-Marie Chalmers and Bo Martinsen. The two physicians have extensive clinical and research backgrounds in Europe and the United States. They are also the inventors of the Multi-One medical delivery device system and founders of Wellpride and Ambo Health. Their corporate headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida.

Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD
Born and raised in the United States, Dr. Chalmers graduated from Interlochen School for the Gifted, and Brown University. She completed her medical training at the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Chalmers has practiced emergency, family, and preventive medicine for many years-serving both at high-tech hospitals and as a barefoot doctor in rural Norway. Her research and development work has included nutraceuticals (especially omega-3) and medical delivery device systems to facilitate ingestion of multiple medication combinations.

Dr. Bo Martinsen, MD

Born and raised in Norway, Dr. Martinsen received medical training at the University of Bordeaux in France and at the University of Oslo. He is ECFMG-certified in the United States. Dr. Martinsen has extensive experience practicing psychiatry, general medicine, neurology and preventive medicine, in addition to training in epidemiology (Ph.D program at the University of Oslo) and business administration. He has served as medical consultant to large international corporations focusing on stress management and synergistic medicine.

Order today at