Wall’s BBQ in Savannah, GA

9 Feb


Savannah’s lanes run behind and between the big houses facing the streets of the historic district. They have a private feel to them that may discourage sightseers, but they give an inside/backside view of the city worth experiencing. Most give a glimpse of private gardens spilling over brick and wooden walls and the unpolished edge of city living- garbage cans and parked cars. Most are largely unpaved, as is E. York Lane near Price Street. Running behind the houses on the north side of E. York, this quiet lane harbors a BBQ hot spot.


Wall’s could be easily missed, what with Oleander cresting the high wooden gate to left and palmetto and trees tangled on both sides of the small white façade and dark door and windows. There us nothing flashy about the signage, but the aroma of slow cooked, smoke laced meat is all it takes to know you have arrived.  Inside, fake wood paneling and orange laminated banquettes fill the spaces not occupied by the oscillating fans.  Order at the counter and have a seat. It is too dark to read the books lining one wall, but the food comes in a hurry and once it arrives there will be little time for anything beyond those sighs of contentment between the bone sucking and finger licking. The ribs are fabulous. The sauce is served on the side. It is thin but not watery, a fine blend of catsup and mustard with all the necessary spices and sauced ingredients like cayenne and worstershire that let you know you are not in South Carolina, Alabama or Memphis, but in Georgia. The coleslaw is crisp and cold, creamy but tart- perfect. Tourist do find their way to Wall’s but mostly locals walk in, catch up, and carry out food to their families.

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