Dining Around in West Palm Beach

2 Feb


Checked out Bagel Boyz while visiting the Palm Beach area. We snagged a 1/2 dozen bagels including blueberry (2), sesame, sun-dried tomato, everything, and onion. They were good and fairly priced at 85 cents each, but I cannot say the bagels here were really any better (or worse) than Einstein Brothers or any other big chain bakery we have visited.  


I should add that we also dined at La Bamba Mexican & Spanish Restaurant on Saturday night and picked up a couple of pepperoni pizzas at Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday.

My Enchilada Verde at La Bamba was about as good as it gets — shredded and well-seasoned chicken breast meat housed in corn tortillas and smothered with green sauce, white cheese, and a dab of sour cream. The plantains I ordered for my side dish were also expertly fried up.  Nice clean, family atmosphere at this rather new eatery, which looks like a cross between a Mexican restaurant and a sports bar.

The pizza at Anthony’s was first rate and loaded with thinly sliced pepperoni. I dig (wink wink) coal-fired pizza — the crust gets ever so slightly burnt and crispy/chewy. And I mean that in the best way possible. I’m not a big NY Yanks fan, but I marveled at their excellent collection of Yankee and NYC photos, signs, and memorabilia. Cool place — tell ’em we sent yoooz guys!

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