All the BLT Taste without the “B”

28 Jan


I just tried “Baconnaise” (bacon flavored mayo) for the first time. And you know what? It’s pretty darn good. I smeared it on a turkey and cheddar sandwich and found myself eating what tasted like a club sandwich without the additional fat and calories of bacon strips. Can’t wait to try J&D’s Bacon salt and lip balm too. Yup, they make a bacon flavored lip balm. Start lining up, ladies!

The bacon salt comes in Original, Natural (gluten free), Peppered, and Hickory blends. Here is some background from J&D’s web site …

We’re Justin and Dave, and this is our improbable bacon-flavored story. Who are we? We’re just two regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons, eating until we can’t get off the couch and of course, the taste of great bacon. And it’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.

Not too long ago, we used to work together in a little technology company. While on a business trip together, we had the chance to sit down for dinner and eventually, the conversation turned to our mutual love of bacon. It was then that Justin told Dave and another coworker named Kara about his idea for Bacon Salt®. Kara, who is a vegetarian, loved the idea. Dave, a card-carrying carnivore and Midwesterner, loved it even more. Even the waiter at the fancy restaurant loved it.

And from that point forward, a partnership was struck to turn this bacon-flavored dream into a reality. In 2007, we and a few of our close friends tasted the first flavors of Bacon Salt, on Porterhouse steaks, mashed potatoes, eggs, corn and tomato soup – literally everything Dave could find to eat in his house. One enthusiastic person even tried bacon-flavored ice cream, which we don’t really advise doing, but to each his own. With the one exception of Maple (which was recently resurrected and is much better), everything was absolutely delicious – we were all just licking our plates.

Even more improbably, Dave’s 3 year old son Dean provided our first round of financing with this $5,000 win on America’s Funniest Home Videos: or

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