Stretch Island Fruit Leather

11 Jan


Now I know you might be just a bit hesitant to stick something called leather in your pie hole. However, this may be one exception to consider. The fruit chews made by Stretch Island in the Pacific NW (Grapeview, WA) are delicious and quite healthy for you.

I’ve enjoyed every flavor I have tried — and the choices are endless. In fact, I’m knawing on a Harvest Grape strip as I write this piece. Apple, cherry, mango, coconut, pomegranate, apricot, raspberry … they have you covered. It’s just pure fruit puree concentrate — no artificial ingredients or added sugars/corn syrups.

Here’s a little history on the company … pulled from their web site:

We came together with the goal of making life simpler, sweeter, and healthier. We put our hearts and minds into crafting all-natural fruit leather, and after a time, the Stretch Island Fruit Company™ was founded in a humble laundry room on Stretch Island, Washington. That was 1976, and while we’ve long since outgrown the laundry room, our values remain the same.

We at Stretch Island Fruit Company™ have made a simple, pure promise to make it easy for people to enjoy fruit every day.

The world has changed since the company was founded, and we think that in this busy new world of endless choice and easy fixes, the nutritional needs of children need more attention. So we created FruitaBü®, the, delicious, and nutritious Organic Smoooshed Fruit™ foods that bring the goodness of real fruit to children so that they can enjoy it anywhere, any time. or shop for them at Wal-Mart or Whole Foods Markets in your part of the world.

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