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Panera’s Asiago Cheese Bread

8 Jan


Let me start by saying I recently recovered from an addiction to Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. Man, is that good! Anyhoo, I stopped in today and grabbed a loaf of their Asiago Cheese bread. Another winner!


Asiago with roast beef and cheddar (above)

Pretty much all their breads are good here. But this loaf, well, kicks some serious Asiago! Please try it soon and join the growing legion of fans of this artisan bread. Store-bought bread (with just a few exceptions) is for the birds (literally) and should only be consumed in cases of extreme hunger or long term incarceration.

A Tasty Snack from Nature Valley

8 Jan


Look for these in your local grocery store.

If you like that chocolate/salty nut combo, you’ll like this too.

If you’re on board with the big caramel & sea salt sensation, be sure to check these babies out. It’s a terrific combination of flavors and textures and it makes for a very satisfying (and not too unhealthy) between meal hunger stopper.